About us

Our history

Contreras Asesores was founded in 2002 by Mario Mora Contreras, decided to create his own company after a long career working with accounting and tax functions in some of the leading local and regional companies.


He describes himself as a person with passion for numbers. He has been the honors student on several occasions throughout his academic education. Mario formed a working group, consisting of fellow university students and life partners with whom he could provide professional services to businesses, whether companies or self-employed, individuals or other entities, providing labour, tax, accounting, legal and administrative services.


The firm specializes in the integral consultancy of companies, Legal labour advice and in the Income Tax of Non-Residents, offering for more than 14 years, trust, closeness, guarantee and a great professionalism.


The firm also offers a series of supplementary services in various areas, such as civil, administrative and commercial legal advice, property management, traffic and insurance management, in collaboration with other professional firms with representation in Sotogrande and Madrid. Located in Estepona.


His knowledge of languages, the initial location of his office in the Marina of Estepona and, of course, his absolute professionalism and commitment to his clients, has made him a real expert in the Non-Resident Income Tax.


Today, more than 120 customers are constantly trusting in the services of Contreras Asesores, forming a large family among them.


Let Contreras Asesores guide you and dedicate your own time to what really matters, to live and enjoy life.

The team

Director at Contreras Advisors
Labour and Tax Adviser

Degree in Labour Relations from the University of Málaga. Technical Specialist in administration and accounting IMAE.

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Accounting and Labour Advisor

Degree in Labour Sciences from the UOC. Social graduate from the University of Málaga. Technical Specialist in administration and accounting IMAE.


Labour Advisor

Social graduate from the University of Málaga.

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Administrative Assistant – Receptionist

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Accounting Technician

Senior Technician in Administration and Finance. Enrolled 2 Economic degrees at University of Málaga.

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