Our legal services

You can trust Contreras Advisors for any legal and judicial management that needs to be done in your business. We take care of advising you and accompanying you before any management.

Lease and civil agreements

We write and elaborate any type of civil contracts, such as leasing, sale of real estate, personal loan contracts, etc … all within the legal prospects so that you do not have problems in the future.

Inheritance and donations tax

Contreras Asesores will guide you in the preparation of this type of tax, so that each heir or grantee will liquidate their taxes and avoid complications in the future.

Legal Advice

We know what rights you have at all times. At Contreras Asesores we will advise you on the legal aspects on any action or choice you want to make, advising you on a safe and correct legal basis.

Real estate advice

To be well advised before a real estate operation is fundamental for the operation to be a success in all aspects. Trust in Contreras Asesores before making any mistakes.

Financial Advice

Banks offer many products such as loans, credit, leasing, renting, factoring … Contreras advisor will help you choose the right one according to your needs.

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