Tax and Accounting

Our tax and accounting services

The tax and accounting department is the strongest part of Contreras Asesores, in which each entity, individual or legal entity engaged in economic activities must meet their tax obligations. Contreras Advisors are here to help.


Having someone you can trust who can control bureaucratic legal aspects, VAT or tax, that will guide you in the journey of your business, is synonymous with being able to develop your business successfully and peacefully.


Contreras Asesores consists of a multidisciplinary team able to successfully manage and anticipate all procedures required for a well-functioning society. Contreras Asesores will advise you in Estepona and help you throughout the whole business process, from advising on the most appropriate legal form to its constitution and of course the ongoing advice and accounting, labour and taxes required for the smooth running of of your business.


As an independent professional your only mission should be to produce for your company. Leave all matters related to taxes, labour and accounting in the hands of Contreras Asesores so you can devote time to what is really productive: your business.


At Contreras Asesores we understand that the obligations with the public treasury is just a step in your business and not a headache. Being in constant contact with those responsible for the business, we will mark its directive as a priority to meet the tax obligations.


Let Contreras Asesores be your trusted partner in Spain so your investments and dreams will not be taken away. Contreras Asesores help people who remain resident in other countries but own properties or businesses in Spain. We can help you to achieve the NIE, purchase and sale of real estate, mortgages, tax advice, tax filing, tourist registration, collection and payment of local taxes such as property tax and garbage tax. All the procedures related to the tax for non-residents, procedures related to immigration as well as any legal management that needs to be done. If you are not resident in Spain, you can rely on Contreras Asesores. We know how to do our job very well.


At Contreras Asesores we have highly qualified personnel to manage the accounting aspect of your company in the best way. Thus, we offer accounting mechanization services according to the Commercial Code. We prepare the accounting books and annual accounts and if your business needs it, we offer you the possibility of doing an internal audit.

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